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Who Am I Working For? Update From The Beach! - Pilot VLOG 110

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Shaun ! This is one of 24 Gulfstreams we have with Global Holdings Ltd.

Michael Geoffroy CEO.


Greetings Shaun, nice to see your website up and running! I do enjoy watching the both of you fellas and you do a great job! What you’re doing is promoting Aviation in a way that makes it interesting for young men and women in this generation that badly needs a better direction to follow.

I’ve been promoting Aviation for many years and being a retired Marine pilot with 31868 hrs under my belt, I can say you’ve got on the right platform to excite lots of kids. In ending should you ever need (any ) type of support,whether via media or monitary ,please feel free to contact me directly through my company.

Colonel Michael M Geoffroy.


Shaun, Very glad to see the website up and running with your new content. I'm sure all your subscribers are looking forward to all your new adventures and some great videos with your new company. It is great that they are letting CPL continue and supporting you in this venture. Good luck and safe travels!

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